Why does this poster look good?

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I found this poster on the behance website and it instantly caught my attention. Through this post I will explain why I feel like it is a good example of the design principles that we have been studying.

Poster displaying information comparing men's salaries to women's salaries in a variety of countries.
Poster designed by ~ Li Zhang


The sharp line that goes down this poster helps to create a visual connection between the writing at the top of the page and throughout the graphs. This one element makes the poster look seamless and I know it took a conscious effort on the designers part.


She picks two typical colors for boys (blue) and girls (pink). However, she switches things up by choosing non-typical shades of pink and blue that have good contrast towards each other. To create more interest she introduces tints throughout the pinks in the round graph and tints both the pink and blue on the smaller bar graph. These colors all work well on the grey background, which helps the colors pop and grab your attention.


The contrast that caught my eye was the in the way that she displayed the graphs. Having a smaller graph connected to a larger graph that is exploding off the other one is unusual. This made me want to stop and study the poster in greater detail.


She did a great job of keeping alike information together through grouping information together. She also uses fonts to help separate the different groups of information, for example, the title and the paragraphs of more detailed information.


The repetition in this poster that caught my attention is the way that the white dots help to connect the data. Also all of the white text helps me to know that everything that is white is dealing with explaining, clarifying, or connecting data.


This poster caught my attention because it displayed potentially mundane information in a way that made it appealing. She took graphs that we are used to seeing, and turned them into art. She paid attention to details and worked hard to make sure the information that was displayed was understandable and beautiful. It proved to me that even basic information that has the potential to be mundane and boring, can be made into something intriguing and different.