A General Conference Talk

Magazine Spread

Text of President Russell M. Nelson's General Conference talk, April 2017
By Heather Johnson
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My Thoughts

This magazine project has been an enjoyable project because I’ve had the opportunity to become more familiar with the InDesign program. For this project, we were required to find an article that had more than 600 words and no extra headings, which made things interesting. I spent a couple days reading articles on LDS.org trying to find one that closely met those guidelines. I finally settled on President Russell M. Nelson’s talk from April 2017 General Conference. https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/04/drawing-the-power-of-jesus-christ-into-our-lives?lang=eng. As I read his talk I felt the spirit warm my heart and I could find places to add headings to fulfill that requirement. Finding a quote to use was trickier than I thought it would be.

The photographs are all Heather originals and focus on my beautiful irises. I was so pleased that they ended up blooming right in time for this project. Using the budding iris as a word wrap, ended up being one of my favorite ideas of my whole project. It was tricky as I had to use Photoshop to create a mask of the flower and then input it into InDesign. Once I had it into InDesign I then had to draw a shape over it and use that as the reference for the word wrap. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

When I started this process, I thought the easiest part would be the formatting of the article. How wrong I was! Making headings stand out, arranging the columns, and keeping the flow the same from one page to another was very tricky. The formatting isn’t perfect, but as I’m trying to balance school and family life, this will have to do. I look forward to being able to learn more about formatting so that my designs can improve.

The typography was fun to play with! I learned that keeping things simple helps to make a project flow better. I feel like color also became a huge part of my typography as it helped to accentuate words and created repetition throughout out the article. Creating the title and the quote took a large amount of time. I ended up using both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign because I felt like I could maneuver and manipulate the words better in illustrator. I decided to make the quote play off the title to bring in another element of repetition.

In conclusion, I feel like I was able to use all of the minimum expectations while also making the article beautiful. The color scheme felt appropriate to my audience, which was adults reading the Ensign in order to learn and to be uplifted. The purple and green colors were taken from the pictures of the irises to bring a feeling of hope into the design of the article. Creating this magazine project has brought me more appreciation for those who design for the church magazines. They take a lot more love and work than I realized.

My Photography

A purple and white iris in full bloom
By Heather Johnson
A purple and white iris budding
By Heather Johnson

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