Sloths as Icons

illustrations of sloths with various emotions

Why Sloths?

Well, why not sloths? As I searched for an idea for this icon project I realized that I wanted to do something fun and different. However, I had no idea at what that could be. I did lots of sketches, I sketched my family, Pirates of the Caribbean, chores, flowers, packing lists, musical notes, flowers, cats, writing instruments, times of the day, and finally some sloths. The sloths were chosen because they were cute and they are what my children picked as their favorite sketches. I’m lucky, that I have children who are willing to help mom pick out ideas for assignments.  I also chose the sloths because I was pretty sure that none of my classmates would do something like them and I wanted to be different.

Assignment Requirements

I really like using Adobe Illustrator, it’s my favorite program to work in because I’ve worked in it the most and I’m starting to feel like I understand what I’m doing when I use it. Using different shapes was a fun way to create a little character and it did take a while to figure out shapes that gave him some personality. I used pictures of sloths to come up with the colors for his face and body. I decided to go simple with his arms and legs. I love the sleeping sloth because you can see that his arms are longer than his legs, just like a real sloth. The proportions do look off, but they look off on a real sloth too. Each sloth has their own color and emotion: pink is happy, purple is so sad, green is surprised, yellow is super happy, blue is sleeping, and orange is a cheeky little fellow. I truthfully can’t pick a favorite and neither can my target audience (my kids).

As you can see in the rest of the post I’ve included the 60 x 60 pixel and 400 x 400 pixel renderings. I would change a few things on the original sloths to make their faces a little clearer when they are at the 60 x 60 size. The pink and purple’s mouths look more like silly mustaches instead of a smile and frown. Overall, I’m quiet pleased with how they turned out and I think this was a fun assignment to complete.