Ad Campaign

Picture of woman doing yoga in the glow of the morning sun
Original Gaia-ad
New Ad

Creating a Campaign

The first step to this assignment was to find an ad to which I could create a complimentary new ad to and it needed to be appropriate to BYUI standards. I had no idea how hard it would be to find an ad. It took me several days of searching and truthfully, I felt icky after looking at ads. The large majority of ads have suggestive or blatantly sexual suggestions in them.

The light in the original ad is what caught my attention. It is so warm and inviting, which is what will attract an audience who is already doing yoga and looking for new classes to attend.  It also highlights the models face and she looks very peaceful. When searching for a stock photo to use for the new ad I kept these attributes in mind. I wanted to find a photograph that had lots of light with the model doing yoga indoors. She also needed to look peaceful and be dressed modestly. Again, I had no idea how hard these attributes would be to find so that I could attract the proper audience. I was stuck for a long time because I was looking for a picture that would match everything, exactly like the original. Finally, I realized that it didn’t need to be exact but it did need to convey the same feeling. When I found this picture it was a relief because it was exactly what I needed. I love how the cooler colors in the new ad are opposite from the original which adds contrast to the campaign.

When I began to add text to the picture in Adobe Illustrated I tried to stay within the original ads color scheme. This was an utter frustration! The colors just did not contrast with my picture and I could not get them to be readable. I also tried to keep the main wording lower on the picture which resulted with the wording being across the models chest. Oh, was I frustrated! It didn’t look right and I thought about changing my whole concept. All my frustration changed with a critique from my instructor, who encouraged me to branch out – “this ad shouldn’t look exactly like the original”. FREEDOM! I could make a new color scheme to fit my picture and I could rearrange where the text was located. Now I could really start to play and enjoy the project, all I had to do was get out of the box that I had put myself in.

I found a great looking Gaia|Yoga logo that was in beautiful cool colors and used the colors from that logo as my color choices for all of the text for the rest of the assignment. I love how the blue/green and purple compliment and contrast against each other. My favorite detail of the ad is the design work that I put into the windows. This ended up being rather tricky as I had never done something like it before. I also spent time adjusting the light in the picture in Adobe Photoshop, to help create more contrast between the text and the photograph.  I do think working on these details was time well spent because it does create a cohesive look in both of the ads.

After the new ad was created it was time to create slides in Adobe Indesign for the presentation of the campaign. I liked creating the slides and think they turned out beautiful. It was difficult to decide how to design them because I wanted them to be simple but attractive. I decided to stick with the same font colors that I used in the new ad. I think this helps to create a unified look to the slides and the ad. I paid close attention to the alignment and proximity of the text on the slides with the elements like the lines with dots which relayed repetition from the ads. I kept the background of the slides white to ensure that the fonts had contrast and would be easily readable.

In conclusion, both of these ads make me want to go get my mat and practice yoga. They are opposite in colors, one is warm while the other is cool, creating an interesting balance between the two. As I focused on keeping the other elements similar the two ads continue to feel like they are part of the same ad family.


Creating an Ad

Facebook size
web/blog size

For this project we were asked to use a project generator which randomly came up with different household items to create ads for along with all the data we needed to know about our audience. I was the lucky winner of sheets! My audience is both male and female, between the ages 55-64 they graduated from high school and have incomes in the range of $60,000-$89,000. They are currently in a relationship and my ads need to be ready to be viewed on social media and blogs.

When I first received all this information I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Why did I need all these details and how should it influence what I decide to do? Well, the more I thought about it the more ideas I had on how to relate to this audience. The age range is just a little younger than my parents. So, I started to think about what their lives are like right now. They are still working so there is stress in their lives. Their children are older teenagers or they’ve already left their house. These two things mean that they have a little more money to perhaps splurge on a purchase like nice sheets. They probably have decent technology skills and so the ad needs to be eye catching to stand out from all of the other ads on social media.

As I thought about their lives I began to think about what could represent stress? My first thought was work, which lead me to think about a city and I thought it would be cool if the sheet could make that city or the “stress” disappear. Finding images to use for my idea was a whole other issue. I spent days looking through public domain photography website and creative commons websites. I finally found the photos that captured my ideas on I think it’s really cool that these photographers offer their work up for use for free.

Now that I had photographs that I could use I had to import them into Photoshop and begin to manipulate them. I haven’t decided if I love or hate Photoshop…it seems harder to use than some of the other Adobe programs. I am a newbie at it and as I struggle with it I’m starting to appreciate some of what it can do. I used the picture of the girl and the sheet to make a mask to go over the city scape. I had to do some touch ups to make the sheet look better and to arrange where I wanted the city to sit in the combined photograph. I needed it to cover most of the city but allow enough of the city to show that it looked like the city was being covered.

I chose two different fonts to use, Monotype Cursive and Franklin Gothic Book. The monotype cursive font has nice contrast against the sans serif of the franklin gothic. I picked colors for the font from the photograph of the city and made sure there was contrast between the colors and the background. Even the logo color came from the photograph to add repetition of colors through the ad and to draw eyes to the logo.  I was also careful with the proximity between the words and that they had good alignment with each other.

In conclusion, I feel like this ended up as a simple yet, sophisticated ad. The colors of the blurred headlights bring your eyes into the photograph and the sheet covering the city creates adds interest. Hopefully, this would catch my audiences eye and make them wonder what it is all about. This was a fun project and challenging in both topic and software.

By Yoann Boyer
By Joey Kyber